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Emotional Education –
Individual life coaching sessions or workshops

In our individual emotional education sessions and our workshops, we help people develop effective brain patterns to live life to its fullest. This program is effective with or without using psychotherapy. The substance of these sessions includes:

  • The Theory of Positive Intent
  • Emotional Dyslexia
  • Recent breakthroughs in neurobiological research
  • The Evolving Brain
  • Practices from yoga, sports psychology, meditation, and alternative medicine that promote positive change in our brains
  • Information about why making lasting life change has been so difficult along with specific new solutions to make those life changes


  • An Introduction to the PCS System ... How to use our system to promote the emotional changes you desire

  • Dating Workshop -- Smart dating … Better Relating ... Beyond Mars and Venus ... Learn your "brain style" (and that of those around you) and become a more effective communicator

  • The New Psychology for the New Normal … Developing strategies that are effective and appropriate for the post 9/11 world

  • Intimacy Workshop -- How to Invite and Maintain Intimacy ... This workshop will teach singles and couples how to create and maintain a relationship that grows in trust, passion and joy

  • What PCS Helps ... How to use the PCS System to overcome depression, anxiety, addictive and compulsive behaviors. (Topics to be covered include overeating, shyness, loneliness, feelings of ineffectiveness personally and professionally)

  • Parenting Workshop ... How to Create Structure and self-esteem, Creativity and Cooperation

  • Losing Money…. Maintaining your Self Worth -- How to handle financial stress

  • For men only --- learn how to maximize your unique, male "brain style" to maximize your problem solving abilities personally and professionally. Issues will be explored allowing you to maintain both your maleness and your individuality. Using cutting age brain research, you will learn to further evolve your brain's capacity for change. You'll understand and except individual and gender differences and will be able to achieve intimacy in a satisfying, masculine mode. The women in your life will never have to ask, "Why can't a man be more like a woman?"

  • For women only --- how to maximize your unique, female "brain style" to maximize your effectiveness professionally and personally. How to remove the interferences to your becoming more powerful

  • Learn your "brain style" (and that of those around you) and become a more effective communicator

  • How to overcome emotional dyslexia --- the biological short-circuit that keeps you stuck in unwanted patterns

  • Facing Illness with Dignity, Power, and Self-Esteem

  • How to use the PCS System to form community and antidote isolation and loneliness

  • How to use the PCS System to deal effectively with conflict and avoid unproductive detours into guilt and blame.

  • Training sessions for therapists, social workers, health-care professionals, educators, managers, clergy and CEOs. How the PCS System will improve your effectiveness and the effectiveness of those around you.
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