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Change Your Emotions
Two important theories in our work:

Learn to become more positive
We believe that your ability to change will be accelerated once you understand that you have positive intentions even when you feel frustrated by your behavior. We know that you are not avoiding change out of resistance, laziness or stupidity. Your Positive Intent is often obscured (or may even seem invisible because it reflects the way you coped as child in circumstances that no longer exist). Our system teaches you a special kind of “emotional education” that will allow your positive intent to give you positive results.

Transform Emotional Dyslexia;
The Biological, Physiological Stress Reflex

We clearly demonstrate that there is a biological, stress reflex that causes us to misread stress as danger. Known as the “fight or flight reflex,” it causes the typical ineffective reactions most of us are familiar with...In other words, under stress, just when we need our brains working at their highest level, we are physiologically triggered into childlike responses. PCS will teach you to override this reflex that we call "emotional dyslexia" so that your emotions are not hijacked and you can respond with all your adult brainpower.

Replace Ineffective Emotional Behaviors

PCS teaches the emotional education necessary to create new brain patterns. We believe that people don't make permanent change unless they are taught to replace old patterns with ones that are more effective and satisfying. East meets West as we combine cognitive information, insight, psychotherapy and practices taken from techniques in yoga, biofeedback, meditation, sports psychology and alternative medicine that fundamentally change the way our nervous systems and brain react.

Remove Emotional Interference

Welcoming Confusion
For most people, confusion is a very difficult if not impossible emotion to tolerate. We have only known ourselves as we have been in the past. All our relationships were formed based on this past identity. We help people learn to see confusion as an exciting part of the transformation process. Without confusion, there is no change, only same old, same old. Our system teaches you have to welcome confusion and give up the need to "know” and feel the excitement that changing bring.

Comfortable Discomfort
Since you only know life as you have lived it, you may feel comfortable with what is familiar even when it is unpleasant. We call this “comfortable discomfort”. The unknown tends to create anxiety or fear, even when the change is something that you may have longed for. Who will I be if I change? How will other people react to me now that I am different? Our system will teach you to feel comfortable as you change so that your life can become truly satisfying.

A physiological example of comfortable discomfort
Recently, it was discovered that there is a chemical that the body produces when someone has had a significant weight loss. This chemical actually causes the person to gain weight. We have always looked at this yo-yoing that many dieters experience as a purely "psychological" phenomenon. Instead the body actually gets confused by this weight loss and thinks that there is something wrong, maybe starvation. It is important to understand that this is a physical confusion and a lack of comfort with what is new and different. We have a biological need for homeostasis. We now know that physiologically we are programmed to stay the same.

More on Comfortable Discomfort
We are programmed to stay the same, and we need to understand this so that we don't blame ourselves when anxiety or confusion arises as we begin to change. Quite often, participants say 'I feel so "weird 'when they find themselves behaving and thinking in new and more powerful ways. What they are meaning to say is that they don't feel like themselves, like their "old" selves. Of course, you don't feel at all like your "old" self; you're feeling better. You're not feeling weak or insecure or inadequate, so you must be unrecognizable to yourself .PCS will help you to feel comfortable, as you become the person you truly desire to be.

Develop Self-Esteem

Feeling safe in your own skin
There are no good or bad feelings but acting on our feelings can have unwanted consequences. As you learn about your own stress and how it triggers the childlike patterns we call "emotional dyslexia" you will develop a better sense of whether or not your feelings are based on your current reality or past experiences. This will enable you to know which feelings to act on and which feelings not to, thus enhancing your self-esteem. In addition, we will teach you practices that will accelerate your ability to replace these responses with more effective ones.

Practices for Emotional Change

We introduce you to a series of strategies, techniques and practices to teach you how to “rewire” your brain and surmount long-standing emotional problems and reduce stress. These techniques offer quick results and are simple to learn. PCS is broken down into "bite-sized" pieces, enabling rapid change, keeping you inspired and motivated to continue the program. The practices fit easily into your existing life and become natural and comfortable because they resonate with how you really want to be. “We become what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle

Why Personal Change is like learning a new language

Changing behavior is like learning a new language. If you knew you were going to be moving to Brazil you would want to have an intensive exposure to Portuguese. To be really comfortable enough to think and even dream in Portuguese, you would need to listen, repeat, and practice the language. When you use the specific tools and practices PCS provides, you will find yourself thinking and reacting spontaneously in ways that are more effective and fulfilling.

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